Tokenize Anything.

Whether you're a brand, collector, creator, or marketplace, 4K Protocol allows anyone to mint a collection of physical assets as Physically-Backed NFTs.




Not Your Average ERC-1155.

We created the first Physically-Backed NFTs with on-chain loss/damage coverage, and on-chain Guardian fees. Seamlessly transfer across chains while keeping storage logistics intact. Unlock liquidity, earn royalties, and connect with community.

Full Asset Protection.

  • Assets are securely vaulted with specialized storage Guardians.

  • Losses and damages are covered by on-chain remediation.

  • Regular audits ensure that assets are safe and secure.


On-Chain Guardian Fees.

  • Compensate the storage Guardian with on-chain fees.

  • Fee balances automatically transfer as NFT metadata.

  • Easily redeem for the physical asset at anytime.


How it works:

1. Create a Minting Request.

Ready to mint a Physically-Backed NFT collection? Create a minting request from the 4K Vault portal.

2. Send in Assets, Receive NFTs.

Send your assets to one of our decentralized storage Guardians. NFTs are minted upon arrival.

3. Redeem NFTs for Assets, Anytime.

NFTs can be redeemed for the physical assets at any time via a burning mechanism.

The Future of NFT Utility.


Unlock Liquidity with

Use or a similar lending protocol to get a DeFi loan against your physical assets.


Lower Transaction Fees Than Web2.

Sell physical assets on-chain, cutting out the middleman. Lower fees than Web2.


Tokenize Merchandise. Like Unisocks.

Create shared experiences for brand evangelists. Engage your community with Tokenized Merch.